19 mar

Gå-hjem-møde om mental sundhed på arbejdspladsen og forebyggelsesindsatser

Hvem er mest udsat med hensyn til mentale sundhedsudfordringer og hvilke mentale sundhedsudfordringer er mest belastende? Hvad ved vi, og hvilke erfaringer har vi om arbejdspladsrettede indsatser til at forebygge opståen og udbredelse af mentale sundhedsudfordringer?

Tidspunkt: 19. marts 2018, kl. 14:00 - 16:00
Sted: Auditoriet, Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Arbejdsmiljø, Lersø Parkallé 105, 2100 København Ø
21 mar

Seminar on Indoor Air Quality and Acute Health Effects in Offices

The seminar will focus on the question if and how indoor air pollutants in offices are causative of symptom development. Furthermore, status about formaldehyde, ozone and ventilation will be presented together with an analysis of potential causes of deteriorated visual task performance.

Tidspunkt: 21. - 22. marts 2018
Sted: National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE), Copenhagen, Denmark
10 apr

Nordic Perspectives on Work Science

The course focuses on the development of the multidisciplinary work sciences according to views represented by various scientific disciplines, their underlying approaches and implications for research questions, concepts, theories, applications, approaches and methodology. 

Tidspunkt: 10. - 12. april 2018
Sted: Dockyard Hotel, Göteborg, Sweden
11 apr

Arbejdsmiljøprisen 2018

Kom og vær med til temadag om forandringer og ny teknologi samt uddeling af Arbejdsmiljøprisen 2018.

Tidspunkt: 11. april 2018, kl. 08:30 - 15:15
Sted: Axelborg, Vesterbrogade 4A,
1620 København V
16 apr

Occupational Hazards and Reproductive Health

Reproductive health receives much attention in the general population, especially relative to conditions that may impact negatively on fertility and pregnancy. This course aims to update knowledge on occupational reproductive health hazards.

Tidspunkt: 16. - 19. april 2018
Sted: Quality Hotel View, Malmö, Sweden
16 apr

Gå hjem-møde om sygefravær, fastholdelses- og forebyggelsesindsatser

Hvad kan arbejdspladserne gøre for at forebygge sygefravær, og hvad kan man gøre for at få de sygemeldte medarbejdere tilbage på jobbet igen?
Kom og få ny viden om sygefravær, fastholdelse og forebyggelsesindsatser på dette gå-hjem-møde på Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Arbejdsmiljø, NFA.

Tidspunkt: 16. april 2018, kl. 15:00 - 17:00
Sted: Auditoriet, NFA, Lersø Parkalle 105,
2100 København Ø
7 maj

The Nordic Working Environment Conference 2018

Et vigtigt og regelmæssigt indslag i samarbejdet mellem de nordiske arbejdsmiljømyndigheder, er arbejdsmiljøkonferencerne, som afholdes hvert andet år. Island er værter i 2018, og konferencens tema er "Effektive tilsyn for bedre arbejdsmiljø".

Tidspunkt: 7. - 8. maj 2018
Sted: Hotel Selfoss, Selfoss, Island
14 maj

Assessment of Cancer Risk

There is relatively good access to basic epidemiological methods, but there is a need for a wider dissemination of knowledge of new methodological achievements. This course aims to cover this important area of knowledge.

Tidspunkt: 14. - 16. maj 2018
Sted: Centrum för arbets- och miljömedicin CAMM, Solnavägen 4, Stockholm, Sverige
22 maj

What Works: Moving Your OSH Information to Action Utilizing Best Practices of Digital Media

The course will be a mix of lectures and hands-on demonstrations of specific case studies focusing on interventions with measured impact as well as a presentation from the Cochrane Library (FIOH) focusing on their systematic reviews of OSH interventions specifically “lessons learned.”

Tidspunkt: 22. - 24. maj 2018
Sted: Schæffergården, Copenhagen, Denmark
28 maj

Working Hours and Health

Shift work and working hours are related to a wide range of public health problems. Working hours, and the ways how working hours research needs to be done in the future are in change.

Tidspunkt: 28. - 30. maj 2018
Sted: Hotel Copenhagen Island, Copenhagen, Denmark
11 jun

Work Disability Prevention – Sociopolitical challenges for practice and research

Work disability occurs when a worker is impaired in performing his or her job. Work disability leads to productivity loss. As such, it imposes large individual, social, and economical burdens. The objective of the course is to disseminate transdisciplinary knowledge.

Tidspunkt: 11. - 15. juni 2018
Sted: Kurhotel Skodsborg, Denmark
27 aug

From Research to Practice in Occupational Health and Safety

This international course focuses on new approaches for knowledge transfer, exchange and dissemination between researchers and practitioners in OSH.

Tidspunkt: 27. - 29. august 2018
Sted: Copenhagen, Denmark
4 sep

Health Promoting and Sustainable Leadership

The course focuses on the multi-component factors and conditions of importance for a sustainable leadership, from a system perspective (individual – group – work-place – organization – society). In these aspects, the course focuses especially on contemporary challenges.

Tidspunkt: 4. - 6. september 2018
Sted: Näringslivets Hus, Stockholm, Sweden
18 sep

eHealth Revolution and Changing Work

The way we think about work, organize work and communicate with each other is changing rapidly. The Internet and personal technologies create new health and safety service cultures and platform economies. During this course we will study current trends, developments and future perspectives.

Tidspunkt: 18. - 20. september 2018
Sted: Hanaholmen – the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre, Espoo, Finland
2 okt

Safety Promotion – Research and Good Practice

This international course focuses on new approaches in safety research and practice, and covers a wide variety of occupational sectors, as well as home, leisure and traffic accidents. The course is planned for people who either aim to become researchers or who use research results in their work.

Tidspunkt: 2. - 4. oktober 2018
Sted: Oslo, Norway
23 okt

Safety and Risks of Engineered Nanomaterials

The safety of ENM is the key to the success of several industrial sectors including electronics industry, drug industry, food industry, paper industry, construction industry etc. The course will provide the participants with information that allows them to understand key-issues related to ENM.

Tidspunkt: 23. - 24. oktober 2018
Sted: Quality Hotel View, Malmö, Sweden
30 okt

Managing Medical Emergencies at Sea

Medical emergencies aboard ships at sea pose a continuing risk to the life and health of seafarers. They also have adverse financial and operational consequences for ship operators. This course will consider how such risks can be prevented and mitigated.

Tidspunkt: 30. oktober 2018 - 1. november 2018
Sted: Hotel Marienlyst, Helsingør (Elsinore), Denmark
6 nov

The Economics of Occupational Safety and Health

Second Workshop on The Economics of Occupational Safety and Health – Recent findings and hand on-calculation.

The participants will have an opportunity to get their own cases analyzed.

Tidspunkt: 6. - 8. november 2018
Sted: Uppsala, Sweden